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If you’re looking for Government Freight here’s your opportunity!

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Becoming a TSP Service Provider can offer several benefits for your transportation business.

Government Contracts
Being a FEMA-Approved Transportation Service Provider opens up opportunities to secure government contracts; stable and reliable source of business.
Diverse Transportation Modes
The program accepts providers offering various transportation modes, including air, maritime, rail, and trucking. This flexibility allows your business to cater to different needs and expand its service offerings.
Increased Visibility
Registration with FEMA enhances your business visibility within the emergency response and disaster management sector. This exposure can attract potential clients and partnerships.
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Applicants Recieve Projects
Declared disasters
in Federal Spending
Government Contracts
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Limited Time Offer
For  limited window each year, FEMA opens it registration for active Authority holders to register as Transportation Service Providers.
Increased Visibility
Apply From Any State
The United States is divided into regions so any active authority holder can apply in any state. 
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Approved FEMA Carriers
As a transportation service provider, you will be on the approved list of vendors for FEMA carriers. 
Last year we were able to get 12 new applicants approved for the program! 
We look forward to assisting you on your Trucking journey!
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