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Turnkey FAQ

What does it mean to lease?

Leasing on to a Trucking Company means to work your Semi under that companies name or otherwise known as”Authority”. This is very similar to how Uber uses the vehicles of Small Businesses to work under their company name

What expenses will I have?

Expenses are as follows: Insurance-monthly ELD Factoring Trailer- not in every case Fuel card- not in every case

How long until I hit the road?

Each client is unique different. We recommend a 90 day window for setup. This may be subject to change depending on your state.

How long do insurance quotes take?

Insurance typically takes one week to proces. This may be subject o change. Each client is unique.

How long does it take to set up factoring?

Factoring can take up tp one week.

What should I be doing while I wait for the process to complete?

There is nothing to do. We do all the heavy lifiting for you.

Do I need to purchase a truck?


Does the truck come equipped with a driver?


Am I responsible for maintenance?


How much of my time will be needed to run this operation?

Invoicing should not take more than one hour, per week, of your tine.

What are my daily weekly duties?

There are no daily duties. Our dispatch team handles the daily operations.

What are my out of pocket expenses?

Insurance is our only other out of pocket expense. This can range between $1110-$3800 for downpayment, and between $1400-$2300 per month.

What if I already have an authority?

Should you already have an authority, there is a $1499 discount on the set up portion of the purchase.

Can I purchase trucks only?


Who will dispatch the truck?

A dispatcher will be prived to your owner operator.

Can I dispatch myself?

No. Should you decide to dispatch your own truck, the 30 day warranty will be voided.

Who will pay me?

Your factoring company will pay you daily or weekly depending on your desire.

Do you charge any additional fees?

No, once the purchase has been made, we do not charge any additional fees.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, increments of at least 5k are available for payment plans, Please email at us if you would like installment payments.

Am I able to partner with someone?

Yes, should you choose to partner that is your decision.

Do I have to furnish tags?


Do I need a trailer?

Trailers are not mandatory but we highly suggest you rent or buy one, This will increase your revenue drastically.

What type of insurance do I need?

Auto liability-1 Million Cargo- 100k

How do I pay my truck each week?

Direct deposit/Zelle