Lease On FAQ

What does it mean to lease?

Leasing on to a Trucking Company means to work your Semi under that companies name or otherwise known as”Authority”. This is very similar to how Uber uses the vehicles of Small Businesses to work under their company name.

What is the turn around time for on-boarding?

Provided we have all the necessary paperwork, onbaording should not take longer than 1 week

Why do I have to have my own tags?

Providing your own own tags keeps percentages low.

Whats the soonest I can lease on after I have my tags and insurance?

Our owner ops are able to lease on immediately once take and insurance are completed.

When do I get paid?

Payment is weekly.

Do I need to supply the magnets and fuel card?

Magnets will be mailed out to you during the onboarding process.

Do I need to have a trailer?

Trailers are not mandatory.

When do I get access to the classes?

Classes are held once each month. Owner ops are eligible after the first 30 days completed.

Am I dispatching myself?

You will be provided a dispatcher. You will not ne permitted to dispatch your own loads.

What type of equipment do I need?

Semi trucks no older than 2000 are needed.

Do you do hot shots?


Do you do box trucks?


Will I be running power only if I do not have a trailer?

Yes, we do have some trailers available, however they are in high demand. You are able to run PO until one can be furnished.

What type of insurance do I need?

All owner ops are required to carry physical damage and bobtail insurance.

I have have a ticket, can you still cover me?

If there are any driving infractions, they will need to be 36 months old in order to insure all owner ops.

Can The Compass Circle recommend an insurance company?

Should you need insurance please contact Maria Rodriguez :

What are the minimums for the non-trucking liability?


What is the deducted percentage?

15 percent to the company. 85 percent to all owner ops.

Why is it not acceptable to have an authority?

We do not run Authority holders. As Ann authority holder you are responsible for the actions of your company. We only lease non-authority owner ops.

What is a MVR?

Motor Vehicle Report

How do I get a MVR?

Please contact your local DMV for a copy of your MVR.

What ELD service will I be using?

Keep Trucking

Can I use the ELD I already have?

If you ELD is with Keep Trucking you can keep the existing ELD. If not, you will be assigned a new one.

Would I be able to run with the company under an active MC?


Do I need to get my own DOT?

Yes, all motor carriers need an active DOT.

Do you do local lanes?

Lanes are contingent upon each owner operator and will be discussed once onboarding begins.

Can I be home every night?

No, this is OTR/regional.

What type of freight do you offer?

We offer all types of freight Dryvan, Flatbed, Reefer (General Freight)