Intro to New Money Markets

Intro to New Money Markets

The saying goes that black women are the leading force in entrepreneurship..... somewhere there a huge disconnect....Black people collectively don’t even own 1 percent of the world’s wealth. Yet we are collectively the worlds highest consumers. We are under represented in some of the most important industries like as math; science, tech, coding, and digital currencies. These principles are the very tools we will  as we head into the age of digital money. Tools like stocks, forex , and crypto currency. As Women and Minorities our very existence depends on our ability to change with the times. Special guests to include Dr. Chyna Bethley, Queen of Forex, and Tivonia Evans. One of the first Black Women to invent her own Cryptocurrency, Guapcoin.

On July 26th, ill will be holding an introductory class to new money markets  and digital platforms such as crypto currency, stocks, and foreign exchange. What they are, how they work, and how to leverage  them  to create wealth for your children, and your children’s children. Visit for tickets



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