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The Solution To The Biggest
Mistake That
Trucking Companies Make...

How to navigate the bidding process to win your 1st government contract.

Discover How I Was Awarded A $5.5M Government Contract

MOCK UP FACTORY (2)_edited.png

What You'll Learn:

What is a Trucking “Authority” ?

How to register for Government Contracts ?

How to set-up your Trucking Company ?

How to get
Free Trailers ?

What Contracts are available in any Industry ?

Top Freight
Brokers to work with.

What People Are Saying

Learn from government contracting experts how to navigate the bidding process to winning your 1st government contract.

There are approximately 100,000 contracts published by the United States daily.


Launch or scale
your trucking or
contracting business

This course is perfect for anyone who desires to create , launch or scale their trucking / contracting business. Any industry will benefit from the contract portion of this class. Learn to get direct freight, free trailers, and Global customers, and a list of brokers you can start working with today! Get the replay and workbook now so that you can access the information you'll need moving forward at your own convenience

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