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About Me

I am Casey Cooper, the face of The Compass Circle. I started a trucking company in 2006 and have successfully scaled into contracting for the Federal Government. The largest customer in the WORLD! My company does a host of special projects from construction and warehousing to facility maintenance and groundskeeping.


This journey has molded me into the woman I am today. I intend to be a compass, and light the way for those who come along side me. Let us point you in the right direction!


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Andrea Forch | CEO | Forch Solutions

Hands down the best money spent on consulting for government contracting (and I've spent plenty). I've tried a couple other companies and not one has been able to yield any results. The services offered at The Compass Circle are amazing and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for me with The Compass Circle Team on my side. Thank you so Much!

Brandy Galloway | CEO | Equity Freight Solutions 

Casey is super organic, aunthentic in her divine being. After one consultation I was definitely challenged to level up and think bigger. The information she offers is priceless in helping you grow your business.


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